CEREMONY FLOWER, Quartzite Tobacco Pipe

CEREMONY FLOWER, Quartzite Tobacco Pipe


Region of Origin: CUSCO

Made of Peruvian quartzite from the Sacred Valley, the carving in  this stone refers to the sacred Inca Alstroemeria flower. The naturally white stone is weighty and cool to the touch. 

This pipe is functional and is ready for use or display. Please note, this is a handmade piece with subtle variations in the stone color and carving. 

About Peaceful Pipes
Peaceful Pipes presents a selection of smoking pipes from around the world. Our tobacco pipes are functional art objects suited for the daily smoker, the connoisseur and the collector alike. Handpicked from far-away places, these unique pieces reflect time-honored cultural practices utilizing local and natural materials.

Peaceful Pipes' inaugural collection hails from Peru's Sacred Valley. These pieces are constructed from regional Andean materials including alpaca bone and antler, bamboo, quartz and Inca stone and are often adorned with handwoven textiles. 

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